Welcome to the UK ‘COVID-19 & Older LGBT+ people’ research project website

We are a small group of UK university researchers exploring the effects of COVID-19 on older LGBT+ people. We will be providing project updates on our Blog. You will find more information about us on our Project Team page. We have provided links to information, guidance and support on our Information page. We have also added some information about recent UK academic publications. If you would like to get in touch please contact us.

Latest from the Blog

Reporting our findings

We are now immersed in analysing the data from the survey. There is a lot of information to go through. To make sure everyone’s voices are heard, we are analysing everything collectively (all LGBT+) and by sub-group (e.g. cisg/trans, TGNC, lesbians, lesbian and bisexual women, gay men, gay and bisexual men, women/men identifying with theContinue reading “Reporting our findings”

We’ve closed our survey

A total of 410 people have very kindly completed our survey. We are now finishing off our interviews and beginning to analyse the results. We will be publishing them (here and elsewhere) as soon as we can. Watch this space!!

Project update

After a fantastic response to our survey, we are now conducting interviews with some of the people who said they were willing to be interviewed. We won’t be able to interview everyone, sadly, because too many people volunteered and we don’t have enough people to interview them all. However, there are other projects in theContinue reading “Project update”

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