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Our Findings


We have now written four reports: a summary report of our preliminary findings; a short ‘highlights’ report; a report on the findings in relation to older lesbians and a report on the findings in relation to older gay me. They are all downloadable below:

Academic articles

We have so far written six articles: one on the bisexual respondents; one on the transgender and gender non-conforming (TGNC) respondents; one on the responses of the older gay men; two on the responses of older lesbians; one on the interviews we conducted which complemented the survey. Each of the articles is currently under review with the respective journals we have submitted them to (these things take time!)

We have several other articles currently being written: one is a comparative TGNC paper with Australian colleagues who adapted our survey for their own study; another is a comparative paper with European colleagues who used our survey; a third is an article which compares our full sample. We will update this page as we produce more publications and will ensure that all can be accessed.


Trish is going to be presenting our findings at the Social Work and Sexualities Global Online Conference 2021.

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