Project update

After a fantastic response to our survey, we are now conducting interviews with some of the people who said they were willing to be interviewed. We won’t be able to interview everyone, sadly, because too many people volunteered and we don’t have enough people to interview them all. However, there are other projects in the pipeline, where hopefully we will have a bigger team, and interview more people in future.

The survey is closing at the end of the coming week (7th August 2020) so if you know of anyone planning on completing it, please give them a nudge and let them know there’s only a few days left to do so.

We are also interviewing the leading providers of services/support to older LGBT+ people in the UK, and are very grateful to individuals from SAND, Opening Doors London, LGBT Foundation, Brighton & Hove Switchboard and to Jenny-Anne Bishop OBE for giving us their time.

We are very excited that researchers in Australia, Canada and Slovenia are also using our survey to conduct research with older LGBT+ people in their respective countries. We are going to write articles comparing our data with theirs. We are also going to write reports and articles about our own UK data. There is much to report, not only about COVID-19 but about the varied lives older LGBT+ people are living in the UK in the present day. More about this in due course. But for now, the next step is to start pulling together and analysing the data. We’ll keep you posted.

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