Reporting our findings

We are now immersed in analysing the data from the survey. There is a lot of information to go through. To make sure everyone’s voices are heard, we are analysing everything collectively (all LGBT+) and by sub-group (e.g. cisg/trans, TGNC, lesbians, lesbian and bisexual women, gay men, gay and bisexual men, women/men identifying with the gender/sexuality binary, people not identifying with the gender/sexuality binary). This is going to take some time, because we want to get it right, and make sure no-one gets missed out and that no-one’s voice gets heard more/less than anyone else’s. We aim to start getting some of our reports out by the end of this year, but a full report may take some time. It may not be possible to get the full one out until 2021. We’ll keep you all updated here.

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