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Final update

This is the final update on the project. We have now completed writing up our findings. We have produced the following reports: Older LGBT+ People and COVID-19 Summary ReportOlder LGBT+ People and COVID-19 Highlights ReportOlder Lesbians and COVID-19 Older Gay Men and COVID-19 And we have published the following articles: Hafford‐Letchfield, T., Toze, M., &Continue reading “Final update”


New research project

One of the project team, Sue Westwood, is working on a new research project: Balancing religious freedoms, sexual orientation rights and trans gender identity protections in the provision of health and social care to older lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or trans people in the United Kingdom (UK).  You can find the project website here. The project Continue reading “New research project”

Update on findings: Bisexual and TGNC survey respondents

We have submitted an article reporting on our findings in relation to bisexual survey respondents to the Journal of Bisexuality. We have also submitted an article reporting on our findings in relation to a Trans and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) respondents to the International Journal of Transgender Health. If/when they are accepted, we will make themContinue reading “Update on findings: Bisexual and TGNC survey respondents”

Reporting our findings

We are now immersed in analysing the data from the survey. There is a lot of information to go through. To make sure everyone’s voices are heard, we are analysing everything collectively (all LGBT+) and by sub-group (e.g. cisg/trans, TGNC, lesbians, lesbian and bisexual women, gay men, gay and bisexual men, women/men identifying with theContinue reading “Reporting our findings”