We need more cis lesbians, cis bisexual people and all trans people to do our survey

We’ve had a fantastic response to our survey and now have almost 400 responses. While older cis bisexual people and all trans people are more represented in this UK survey than any other before, we would still like to hear from more, to make sure we include as many voices as possible. At first weContinue reading “We need more cis lesbians, cis bisexual people and all trans people to do our survey”

The great response continues

We now have nearly 200 survey responses from a broad spectrum of the LGBT+ people. We are delighted that older lesbians and trans people of wide-ranging sexualities are well-represented among our participants. They are usually less-well represented in mixed older LGBT+ research projects. Disappointingly, older bisexual people are under-represented, as they so often are. WeContinue reading “The great response continues”

Ethical approval

Before any academic research project can take place, the research team has to apply for ethical approval. The project outline, all of its materials (e.g. information sheets, consent forms, surveys, questionnaires) plus a detailed form asking questions about lots of ethical aspects of the project have to be submitted to a university ethics committee. ThisContinue reading “Ethical approval”

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